What Congress Is Hearing

Listen. Listen to what the American people are saying. No one can better explain the toll the Health Insurance Tax (HIT) is taking than the Americans who are being impacted. Members of Congress have been meeting with constituents in recent months to hear firsthand how the HIT is making it harder and costlier for their small businesses to hire new employees, offer benefits and invest in their companies.

Congress stood with small business owners when Members voted last year to suspend the impact of the HIT for 2017. This break has allowed small business owners to breathe a little easier knowing they have temporary relief from the tax. However, unless Congress provides further relief, the HIT is scheduled to come roaring back in 2018 and will impose even higher health insurance premiums.

As Members head back to their districts in advance of the elections, we wanted to provide a sampling of what they’ve been hearing on the HIT.

We hope Congress continues to listen to America’s small business owners and provides relief from the HIT for 2018 and beyond.


“The HIT hurts small business and the families we employ—the tax costs more, but we get less. That’s bad no matter what business you are in.”

–Jared Smith, Owner, bluemedia

Tempe, AZ, June 29, 2016


“The first $27 dollars of every service call goes to providing healthcare for me and my 11 employees. This tax is part of that cost and is money out my pocket and the pockets of my employees.”

–Lawrence Snow, Owner, Valley Plumbing

Salt Lake City, UT, May 27, 2016


“There are 16,000 farms and ranches in Utah. These are all small businesses. They aren’t big enough to self-insure. The HIT tax cripples their ability to get insurance.”

–Sterling Brown, Vice President, Utah Farm Bureau Federation

Salt Lake City, UT, May 27, 2016


The Health Insurance Tax adds to our costs without adding any value. It just impacts what we are able to do for our employees in terms of payroll and benefits.”

–Derrick Prasad, Owner, Allied Printing Company

Sacramento, CA, August 5, 2016


“The HIT is one of the largest tax increases in the ACA and it is a direct burden to my business. Every dollar I spend on additional taxes is a dollar I am not spending hiring new employees, giving current employees pay raises or growing my business. It is vital for the economy and success of small business that we repeal this tax completely.”

–Cade Joiner, Owner, Shred-X Corporation

Atlanta, GA, May 5, 2016